About Us

ClubTQ is the home of a brand new independent, premium Music Streaming service, offering musicians a platform to reach a global audience, share their incredible live shows, and monestise their hard work.

Today, online concerts are becoming the norm and a great add-on to a musician’s career. When a band or artist has a following in one city, they can create a fan base in other cities too. ClubTQ offers gives the artist the opportunity to reach their fan base wherever they may be.

The effect of the recent COVID pandemic on the career of gigging musicians has made it very clear that delivering music in the digital age is far, far wider than live gigs. Nothing will ever replace live gigs, that atmospheric live feel cannot be replaced. To witness your favourite guitarist deliver that iconic riff is special, and will always remain so.

ClubTQ wants to make it easy and fun to access those fabulous live performances and capture in the highest quality possible, and capture that infectious live music atmosphere.  We record in are full HD, so the fans of the band/artist can feel as if they are right there.

We aim to give musicians that work with us access to the digital broadcasting of their live shows, so their audience can grow anywhere in the world.

ClubTQ engages the best technicians and consultants to ensure that the quality of the end performance/product delivered online is of the highest quality we can achieve.

We want artists that work with us to be bursting with pride when they see the end product of their hard work.